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Let's Talk JESUS


Hosted by Pastor E Minister Michelle Pastor Dwayne Pastor Raye & Minister Terri

Let's Talk JESUS is a panel talk show designed to share who JESUS really is through our own experiences and relationship.

We worship praise and magnify JESUS plan and simple

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Man Up The Movement 

Let's KEEP IT REAL ~ Man Up simply means, N.O.W. is my time to fight by:


1. taking personal responsibility for my own life

2. no longer relying on my personal abilities but on God’s complete guidance

3. my steps are ordered by the LORD

4. walking in purpose with GOD

5. holding myself accountable dedicated and committed to a life of constant change and growth

I AM no longer operating with a double mind

I AM operating with THE CHRIST Characteristics that dwell in me

I AM the head and not the tail

I AM the lender and not the borrower

I AM called according to my purpose

I AM THE GOD in me through CHRIST JESUS 

Women Speak N.O.W 

Women Speak N.O.W. (WSN) is THE MOVEMENT for all women - believers and non-believers - seeking an environment of love, of empowerment, of trust and coming together as one in Christ. WSN broadcast is dedicated to real talk, to deal with real issues and to find real GODLY solutions. We seek the truth without compromising the word of GOD. We speak the truth ONLY from a biblical perspective. We believe that ALL those who worship GOD must worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth ~ John 4:24. We are calling all women of truth to join the movement of the power of ONE! Bring your real voice, your real issues and a real listening heart as Women Speak N.O.W. and are heard ~ N.O.W.    

Proverbs 12:1: The lip of truth shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

Real Talk with Pastor E.


Join Pastor E for a variety of Real Talk discussions with dynamic principle based messages and Worship to our GOD with extravagant respect! 

Pastor E teaches principles that exemplify excellence, commitment, accountability, responsibility and loyalty. Real Talk is designed to provoke you meet your God purposed life by helping you uncover and move towards your purpose.