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P2P Community Development is a faith-based organization that was founded on the premise that we are to serve the community with resources and support services. We are committed to meeting the people where they are and meet the needs, they face N.O.W. We will have resources and support services to help with domestic violence, mental health, counseling, youth mentoring, transitional housing and spiritual mentoring.

Our goal is to change lives to encourage people to become what God has planned for them and to provoke them to their purposed within God’s will. We seek to empower individuals and groups with the skills and support to make effective change within their communities

P2P pledges to operate with a biblical set of operational values and practices to assist in helping communities overcome poverty and disadvantage, and as a result knitting society together at the grass roots and deepening democracy.


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P2P Community Goals

  • Ensure services to provide for basic human needs

    • Prevention of and shelter for the homeless and battered

    • Food services

    • Health services

    • Services that enhance the safety and welfare of the community

  • Provide safe, decent, and affordable housing

    • Rehabilitate existing housing

    • Support the development of affordable housing

  • Establish safe and viable attractive neighborhoods

    • Support public improvement projects in qualifying neighborhoods

    • Prevent and eliminate blighted and deteriorated areas

    • Support safe public facilities

  • Enhance resources for positive individual, family, and community growth

    • Develop special projects/services for the elderly, handicapped and children

    • Develop recreation opportunities

    • Provide fair housing, counseling, information, and mediation

  • Create employment opportunities and economic growth

    • Support Economic Development Activities


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