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Dr.  Edward Hamilton

Pastor E


Dr. Edward Hamilton is the founder and Senior Teacher of the N.O.W. Church of California. With over 35 years in the ministry, he is well known as Pastor E in the communities that he serves in and has received several awards for his commitment to serving people! He is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the office of President Obama and the office of President Biden. He is the author of the N.O.W. Experience: 720 Degree Turn. He is also an entrepreneur of the EZ Teez 4U – a local printing business in Long Beach. Pastor E’s passion and commitment is to use the word of God to touch, to inspire and to provoke people to their purpose! 

Sharing Jesus and being a Light is a life calling for Pastor Edward Hamilton better known as Pastor E. Pastor E. received his call into the ministry in his early 20's. With over 35 years in ministry, a commitment to prayer, praise and worship and a love for the scriptures; He has committed his life to touching and inspiring people, provoking them to purpose. He speaks clearly with authority from the heart with a biblical perspective on topics that challenges, and changes lives to become what God has purposed for His people. His commitment and tenacity to preach the uncompromised Word of God has led him to minister in many cities throughout the United States. 


March 2000, Pastor E. founded the Provoked to Purpose Ministries ~ P2P Ministries. P2P Ministries was founded on the belief that as God takes us to another level through worship that we are charged to move out our comfort zone and make ourselves available to reach the lost and un-churched. The P2P principles are based on the word of God and built on excellence, commitment, and accountability. The ministry operates in love and desire to follow Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith. Teaching and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry while guiding the saved to be provoked to do God's will and reaching the unsaved to be provoked to doing God's will. Under Pastor E’s leadership, the ministry continues to grow as he works with diverse, community-focused organizations and builds strategic alliances with likeminded ministries. 


In March 2014, Pastor E. launched the N.O.W. Not Our Will Network with a quest to reach more people by offering a Christian Programming Network as an avenue for believers with God inspired messages. The blog talk radio broadcast network is host to several shows focusing on the growth and development of God’s people.  


Pastor E was awarded the Voice and Man Up Voice Award in 2017 for his dedication for encouraging men to be men and Man Up! 


In 2017, Pastor E was awarded the prestigious President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama for his commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service. He proudly wears his Presidential lapel pin and the certificate signed by President Obama hangs in Pastor E’s office. 


April 2020 his first book was published, the N.O.W. Experience: 720* Degree Turn. In this book Pastor E leads us to shift our perspective to experience God’s best in the NOW. Helping us to unlock God’s plan for us and to move in the NOW. Showing us that it is in God and only God that we will truly experience the plans that He has to prosper us and give us the ultimate hope.  


March 2020, The N.O.W. Church of California was founded. The N.O.W. Church was launched right at the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic however God has been faithful to us as the world shut down, we opened up! We begin to use our outside spaces as well as online channels to share the word of God. Not only that but we have fed over 1000 in the community, served 450 hot meals, distributed more than 800 pieces of clothes, blankets, toys, hygiene kits and most importantly over 100 souls have given their lives to Christ!  


2021, still in a pandemic, Pastor E saw the need to take the Message to the Beach! Beginning May until September, our church services were held at Junipero Beach in Long Beach. Not only were souls fed with the word, but we also served food every Sunday! It didn’t stop there, amazingly we were able to baptize on the beach! More than 20 people were baptized! Many that were walking along the beach were drawn to the service and more importantly drawn to Jesus! To count, 142 people gave their lives to Christ.  

All this good work for God’s Kingdom did not go unnoticed. Pastor E is the proud two-time recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award - 2021, this time signed by President Joe Biden for Pastor E’s contribution to build a stronger nation through word and action with a focus on Jesus.  

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